Chicken Soups and Other Great Soups from Many PlacesSoups have many variations. In different countries, there can be different recipes of soups. Thus, now there are plenty of soups that can be found. Moreover, people love soups for many kinds of occasions. Of course, you can get nice taste and soups can use different kinds of stocks and ingredients. In this case, it is good to know some of the popular soups in the world.

First, it is the chicken soup. Chicken soup can be said as the comfort food in many countries. The main recipe has existed for many years and now there are many variations of chicken soups that can be found. In this case, basically chicken soup always has strong taste of chicken stock. Then, it will be flavored with other ingredients such as carrots, tomatoes, celeries, and chickens. There can also be noodles and other ingredients added to the soup. This is very popular because it is very easy to make. Then, it has high protein from the chicken. All family members can enjoy the nice taste of chicken soup. It has fresh and light taste so kids can also have bowl of soup. This may seem simple, but it is tasty. That is why it is comfort food for many people.

Italian wedding soup has such unique name. Some people may think that it is kind of soup that will be served during wedding, specifically the wedding of Italians. In fact, it has no correlation with matrimony or wedding ceremony at all. The name of this soup comes from the mistranslation. The Italian word of the soup is minestra maritata. Maritata is misunderstood as marriage. In fact, it is not totally wrong, but people who give the meaning of the soup make the misinterpretation. Actually, the word maritata refers to different types of flavors from various ingredients of the soup. Because there are many types of flavors, then people call it as marriage of flavors. This is the true meaning in maritata. In term of flavor, it is richer than the chicken soup. Then, it is hearty. In the ingredient, you can find pork meatball that give savory taste and bitter greens. Thus, the soup becomes combination of flavors that blend well.

Minestrone is other variation of soup. For some people, the name may seem strange and even they have never tasted it before. Minestrone is soup with mixes of vegetables. It has existed from hundreds years ago. Even as the basic recipes, it used many kinds of available vegetables in the house. You may not have stock as the base for the soup. Instead, nice tastes come from combination of tomatoes, garlic, carrots, celeries and onions that later are considered as the bases for the soup. Beans and greens can be added. This truly becomes mixes of vegetables. However, it can be guaranteed that minestrone will always be healthy soup. This is nice choice for vegetarian because there is no meat and poultry in the soup.

Lentil soup is also popular. Based on histories, it is said that lentils become one of the first legumes that human had ever cultivated. That is why lentil soup has quite long history and it draws back to the time of hundreds years ago. Even, it is said that lentils were mentioned in the Old Testament so you can imagine how old the lentil soup is. In this case, lentil soup is popular in Middle East where lentils grow and the area is considered as the birthplace of legumes. After that, the soup starts to spread to area of Europe and Latin America. That is why there are many recipes of lentil soups and these depend on the origins of the soup. The soup has strong taste because generally it has cumin, curry powder, and thyme. When people want to make it into vegetarian dish, then it can only have vegetables and herbs. These are more than enough. For non-vegan, they can add bacon and tomatoes for stronger taste and color.

Tomato soup becomes other dish with long history. It is soup of American household since the area of 1897. At that time, a chemist in Campbell’s got an interesting idea to condense tomatoes and put them into cans. Then, the processed tomatoes were cooked into soup and it was actually tasty. For now, the cans are easy to find and tomato soups become very popular. It has sweet and silky taste as the results in the process of tomatoes. Then, it will be great to have grilled cheese to give stronger creamy sensation on the soup.

New England clam chowder becomes the nice recommendation. Based on the history, it was introduced for the first time in 18th century. People love the soup because it gives creamy, thick and rich flavors. The use of milk or cream and bacon on the soup gives great texture and it is different from common soups with the light texture. Tender clams are added together with the onion, potatoes, and celery. Traditionally, it is served with oyster crackers. People can use the crackers for dipping and these can also be parts of garnishes.